Life & Critical Illness

Life coverage designed to shield you from life's mishaps. Be prepared to handle unfortunate setbacks by providing lumpsums if you are not here to take care of family or loved one's needs. Show your loved ones they matter by purchasing whole life, term to 85 years, medical cover and critical illness funds (life threatening diseases

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Major Medical Insurance

Want to enjoy preferred health care at private 24-hour medical hospitals and don’t want to pay-out-of pocket or can’t afford to? Then owning AdMed’s unique package will be right for you.

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Most people retire without guaranteed pension benefits after working their entire lives and find themselves defeated by inflation, as the cost of living rises every year - shrinking the purchasing power of the dollar.

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The secret to expanding the ‘borders of your habitation’, living a bigger, fuller life is your ability to access the tools to achieve your objectives. Access to credit allows you to capitalize or take advantage of...

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